General conditions

General terms and conditions of courses
Below you will find the general terms and conditions. We presume you know and understand these conditions in case you should work with our company.
Participant = Client
Service provider = Thermografie Centrum

Article 1: Relevance
1.1 All the Service Provider’s services, offers and agreements shall be made exclusively on the basis of the General Conditions set forth below.

Article 2: Registration
2.1 Registration for a course or training starts with completion and return of a student registration form.
2.2 The applicant will receive an electronic acknowledgement of receipt, which will make the registration valid and which makes him/her a Participant.
2.3 All courses or trainings are subject to a sufficient number of registrations.
2.4 The Service Provider reserves the right to change locations, if he deems necessary
2.5 Registrations are dealt with and shall be processed in order of entry.
2.6 By registering, you confirm that you agree with the general conditions.

Article 3: Cancellation and modification
3.1 Cancellation should be notified and confirmed in writing (by registered mail). Only the date indicated on the postal mark of your letter or the send date of your email will be taken into account as for the cancellation period. Your cancellation will be validated only after you receive an acknowledgement of receipt from our part!
3.2 For cancellations up to 5 weeks before the start the Service Provider shall provide a refund of 100 per cent of the amount paid minus 25 euro cancellation fee.
3.3 No refunds will be given within 5 weeks before the beginning of the course. But, if a Participant is prevented from attending the course, he has the right to send a substitute, upon prior consultation with the Service Provider. Or attend the next similar course. In that case there will be no cancellation costs.
3.4 If a Participant fails to report to the course, the total cost of the courses will be claimed.
3.5 The Service Provider reserves the right to modify the organization and content of the courses and trainings.
3.6 Service Provider shall refund completely if the course is cancelled due to an insufficient number of participants or due to unforeseen circumstances.

Article 4: Payment
4.1 Invoices shall be paid by the Participant within fourteen days as of the invoice date, unless explicitly agreed otherwise.
4.2 If the payment period is exceeded, the Participant falls into default of payment.  A delay interest of 3% per month will be claimed from the date of default. Part of a month will be calculated as a full month.
4.3 All extralegal costs incl. collection agency costs ad 15% for the open amount as of a minimum of € 40,- will be entirely at the expense of the participant. Supplementary costs for lawyers, bailiffs will be also be borne by the participant in accordance with the appliance of usual tariffs.

Article 5: Intellectual property
5.1 The Service Provider keeps all rights on the supplied materials. No part of the course material can be multiplied and made public by means of photocopy, microfilm, picture plate, magnetic disk or link, electronically, mechanically or by any other means, without prior written authorization of the Service Provider. The participant shall not use the course materials for other training purposes neither make them available to third parties.
5.2 Participant shall use provided course materials only for his own, individual training purpose.

Article 6: Fulfillment
6.1 Should the Service Provider not be able to fulfill his service towards the Participant, due to force majeure or circumstances that have occurred after completion of the agreement with the Participant, the Service Provider reserves the right to modify the agreement as to make its fulfillment due, by setting other dates or other locations. The Service Provider strives to fulfill his agreement and conduct the scheduled courses as agreed.

Article 7. Liability
7.1 Liability, including legal responsibility for third parties, material, incidental, intangible and consequential losses, the nature of which could be attributed to the Service Provider, shall be limited to the invoice value of the agreement pertaining to the liability.
7.2 Service Provider does not accept liability for damages to personal property of the Participant
7.3 Courses, training materials and other relevant services are compiled and developed by the Service Provider with utmost care. However, the Service Provider assumes no guarantee for accuracy and correctness of the latter. Service Provider assumes no liability and responsibility for any damages, caused by actions and decisions based on aforesaid materials.
7.4 The Service Provider cannot be held responsible for any loss, injury or damage to any person or property, whatever the cause may be. The liability of persons and enterprises providing means of transportation or other services, however, remains unaffected. The customer takes part in all events at his own risk.

Article 8. Complaints and disputes
8.1 Complaints about services provided by the Service Provider should be reported to the latter in writing at the latest 8 days after the relevant service concerned. In the absence thereof, the participant is deemed to accept and approve the provided service.
8.2 Lodging a complaint does not exclude the Participant from his/her payment commitment.

Article 9: Applicable Law
9.1 The contractual relationship between Participant and Service Provider is subject to the laws of the Netherlands.